You’ve Gotta Have Friends is a grass roots initiative that aims to involve all citizens in creating welcoming communities where everyone belongs.

Loneliness and isolation are critical issues for many people. We help to break down barriers that keep people from experiencing a rich and rewarding life by:

  · Intentionally noticing and mobilizing the gifts of individuals and community groups
  · Helping citizens to engage in new ways of building relationships
  · Empowering change and inspiring action towards an inclusive community
  · Helping people find socially valued roles in the community
  · Participating in events that raise awareness about the importance of belonging
  · Convening conversations that matter

You’ve Gotta Have Friends brings people together in a variety of ways to share their experiences and to create connections. We believe community belongs to the people
and that it takes every citizen to create strong and welcoming neighbourhoods. 

You’ve Gotta Have Friends is sponsored by:

  · United Way of the Lower Mainland
  · Inclusion Langley Society
  · Donations from Langley citizens
  · Community Chest Fund

show up | behave according to group norms | participate | treat others with respect | stay engaged | adjust your own agenda as needed | be positive
Office ~ McBurney Plaza, 20510
Fraser Highway, Langley, BC
Make an appointment ~ phone 604-533-6546 or email [email protected]
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Watch our video to learn how You've Gotta Have Friends supports people from all walks of life to build relationships in the
Langley community.
~ Shirley
News and Upcoming Events
You've Gotta Have Friends hosted its Lucky 13th anniversary on Friday, September 13, 2019 to celebrate community building in Langley for the last 13 years. The video shows highlights.

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You’ve Gotta Have Friends